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Our Story

 Natasha Hulse 

All inventions stem from painting analysis of individual organic structures and then are developed using layers of fabric that are assembled into works of art. They are built up into beautiful designs, hand painted, hand embellished petal by petal with luxurious fabric paints, embroidery thread and appliqué fabric combinations and then thoughtfully constructed and sewn together. The same method is practices with her upholstery from soft furnishings to headboards. The concept is to create, one of a kind artworks that set the room, are full of character and obtain whimsical quirky charm. Clients can choose from the seasonal collections or commission a completely bespoke product.

Natasha Hulse is a bespoke Fabric Artist for Interior Design. Hulse specializes in designing, three-dimensional appliqué artworks. Once the artworks have been constructed they are then upholstered onto pieces of furniture, such as headboards and lampshades. All the fabric artworks are constructed by hand; products are designed by a small skilled team in the U.K. that use a variety of fabric manipulation techniques to create one of a kind, interior products. Each new design draws inspiration from the natural world.

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